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Hello there~! Welcome to Pixelle's Pixel Shop, where pixels bloom into artistry!Pray gather 'round! Be it the forging of a grand saga in the form of an RPG, the creation of whimsical realms in a platformer, or even the exploration of the pixelated realms of Minecraft, I stand ready to assist with the artistry of pixels. From sculpting characters with souls that shine through, to molding environments that beckon thee to wander, my pixels are at your service.My expertise blooms in the realm of UI design, where aesthetics meet functionality. I specialize in crafting interfaces that not only guide the way but also bestow a visual delight upon the user. With each click and tap, a symphony of pixels shall guide thee through menus that harmonize seamlessly with the essence of thy game.

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Site Changes (8 23 2023)
I have started with my website's makeover! I hope this turns out well <3. I will try to add more content in the future. Thank you very much for your patience~


Hideaway (playhideaway.com)

Hideaway is a lovely tropical resort as a minecraft server! I have a very deep sentimental value with this project. I am forever grateful for hideaway. I have worked with myriads of pixel related stuff in here~

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EpicQuests is a French indie Minecraft server project. Much like most projects I work with, I have worked with UIs on this one~ The server is run primarily by a lovely couple that I am extremely delighted to work with!

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Legends is a very cool project! I am glad I was commissioned to do some of their items~ I really look forward to this server's development <3

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Bisect GameMaster

Bisect Gamemaster is a Minecraft event powered by BisectHosting, A delight working with then, even if it was short. I have done most of the UI there as well~!

LOTR Ringcraft

Ringcraft is a LOTR minecraft event that I have contributed building <3 I did most of the UI Elements regarding the project! It was a short project as well sadly.

Lenovo Legion Snow Day

SnowDay is a Lenovo Legion minecraft event where they had lots of games to play with participants, as well as some giveaways! I hoped I got a lenovo laptop as well... hehe. I also worked on UIs for this project!


PIW 64!

PIW64v5 is the pallete i use to substitute 64 color limited pallete for most projects I have been with that focused on game creation. This pallete still continues to evolve as I learn aspects that it lacks <3


Runeworks is my Rune Factory inspired asset pack that is ever growing! New assets are being added periodically, and fits perfectly for all your RPG fantasy farming needs!

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I have a small series of asset packs that I release on my itch shop that provides resources for game developers to use for their games, these items range from sword icons to watermelons <3
The asset pack is ever expanding and gets updated almost weekly.

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